a baby and his dogs

I met Carly + Mike a few years back when I did their engagement photos. When we first met, they told me they chose me because they liked my style but also because they loved how I incorporate pets into sessions. We connected instantly :)  They have two rescue pups and work with Project Rescue Chicago and Trio Animal Foundation, two of my favorite organizations.

Their new addition, Max has brought so much joy to their now family of five.  I loved photographing them in their Logan Square home, they have a unique sense of style and we utilized every single room, setting Max on tables, chairs, benches, beds. Everywhere we went, his dogs followed right behind.

Below you will see so much love + happiness.

Chelsea :)

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burns family // riverside

My sister is really into interior design; actually, beyond obsessed.  They sold their duplex in Wicker Park last year and purchased this home in Riverside. To say it was a fixer-uppper would be an understatement.  They gut rehabbed the entire thing.  My brother in law does it all – between being a father, a husband and his full-time job, he found time to do most of the work himself.  From the demolition to the drywall, the kitchen to the bathrooms – Jason pretty much re-built their home from the ground up.

Meanwhile, Jorie was busy purchasing furniture from resale shops, sanding and refinishing the pieces, collecting art from various stores and perfecting the kids rooms.  Like myself, she finds inspiration everywhere and has found the ultimate way to channel her creativity.  I constantly ask her for design advice and she is happy to give it. Since we were little she has always said that I copy her, I guess somethings never change  :)

The setting is gorgeous and the kids, even more so.  You can see the upstairs and the last shoot we did HERE. 


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