Christen + Blake

These two got engaged in Oklahoma, are getting married in Texas and had their engagement pictures done in Chicago. Blake use to live here so he wanted to take Christen to all of his favorite spots.  They had drinks at the Signature Room,  we did some shots in the elevator (they met in an elevator), we went to Southport Lanes, sat on Blake’s old porch in Lakeview, bought Cubs tickets and went in the game.  That was my first time shooting there.

I loved that they just wanted to do what they would have normally done on a hot Chicago summer night – except with a photographer following them around.  Just two happy people enjoying each other.

* Chelsea *


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winnemac park

This is one of my favorite places in the city, Winnemac Park in Lincoln Square is just so gorgeous.  And so is this family… when Brett saw these images, this is what she had to say:

“We are in love with these! These are our favorite of the three shoots you’ve done with us. I can’t wait to get prints made and decorate wherever our new home may be with them.  Sooo thrilled by these. It’s not easy to make a full-time working, ever-exhausted toddler mom feel beautiful–ever. If you look at the last photos you took of us last year, which I also really loved, it makes me happy to see how much healthier I look in these photos. And Sophie just takes your breath away in every shot. You capture so much of her personality in these photos. I’m really glad we found you when we did and that you get to keep capturing our family each year.  Also, classic Boris and Otis faces!”

Responses like that really validate my work. Capturing other people’s lives has become such a part of who I am and if I can do that not only for art purposes but to also make people feel good about themselves, that only makes it better.

xo – Chelsea


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